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Wayne Little League - Home of the 1970 World Champions 2019 District 2 Champion Winners (Juniors, 12u, 10u, 8u)

Safety Classes

Coaching for Wayne Little League is a fun and rewarding experience.  There are a few simple requirements necessary to be a Manager (Head Coach) or Assistant Coach:

1.    Volunteer to be a Head Coach/Manager or Assistant Coach when you login at the upper right of our home page.  Click on volunteer and volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach in the applicable division of play. 

2.    Submit your name and email address to the league official when requested so that a Background Check link can be emailed to you for your successful completion.

3.    Submit a copy of a government issued photo ID (ie: a driver's license) to the league official when requested so we may verify your identity.

4     The League will let you know if you have been selected, and if there is an available opportunity, for you to be a Head Coach/Manager or Assistant Coach. 

5.     For those that volunteer but are not a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, you can still help your team as a volunteer during practices etc.   You are still required to successfully complete a background check and submit a copy of your government issued ID (ie: your driver's license).

6.     There are many benefits of all managers/coaches/volunteers attending the Rutgers SAFETY clinic for coaches.  Please
read all about it and find a class on a date and time convenient for you.  Please visit:

If you have already taken the Rutgers SAFETY clinic, you should email a copy of your card to our league president.

7.     There are many benefits to watching a concussion training seminar from your computer.

If you have already taken a concussion training seminar, you should email a copy of your certificate to our league president.

8.     In order to be a manager (head coach), a coach, or a volunteer, you must want to help teach children the fundamentals of baseball, have good character, follow Little League rules and procedures, and represent our league in a positive manner.

Thank you for volunteering!